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C.T.C(Continuously Transposed Conductors)

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*Continuously Transposed Conductors(CTC)*

  • Continuously Transposed Conductors(CTC) consist of enameled rectangular wires(5~87 strands) made into an assembly.
  • Each strand is transposed in turn without twist along with its length after then, covered with layers of insulation paper or film.
  • Continuously Transposed Conductors are used as coiling materials for medium and extra high voltage transformers.
  • The CTC of Taihan Copper Tech Co., Ltd is manufactured with OFHC copper and polyester coating is also available to reduce production cost and to improve cooling efficiency.
  • Hardened type CTC(CPR1, CPR2, CPR3 and BS1432)and Self-Bonding CTC which can improve mechanical and electrical strength while decreasing short circuit are also available.
  • Shortened winding time for transformer
  • Decreased size and cost of transformer
  • Reduced electrical losses
  • Excellent winding ability and simple handing
  • Improved mechanical strength of winding(self-bonding CTC)
*Type of insulation material for CTC*
  • Nomex
  • Polyester film
  • Kraft paper
  • Dennison paper
  • Thermally upgraded kraft paper
  • Polyester cord


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C_T_C_Continuously Transposed Conductors_